Pyramid Workout

Yesterday morning I squeezed in an early morning workout before my long day. I've always been a morning person and would rather get my workout in before the day starts rather than after a full day. It's also nice having a slightly empty gym at 6 a.m.! Working out early sets the tone of the day for me. P.S. I can't do it every day. I only have to workout super early about one to three days a week so I don't mind it!

Sometimes I go in with a game plan, other times like yesterday I kind of make up as I go along. I did some upper body strength work before completing the following circuit three times! I have a video as well that shows most of the exercises.

PyramidThe only thing not shown in the video is the box jumps. If you do box jumps, make sure to jump up and then step down! I used a box that I felt comfortable jumping on for 20 reps. If you don't like the box jumps you can always modify with step ups, squat jumps or bodyweight squats.

Let me know if you give it a try!