Workout Wednesday - Upper Body & Core!

Happy Hump Day! How's everyone's week going? We're halfway there! I wanted to share an Upper Body & Core Workout with you that I did one night last week after work and it left my muscles feeling tired!

Last week after my long run I really screwed up my foot. I think I strained my Peroneal Tendon. This is a new fun running injury. I just can't win! Basically the outside of my right foot was just killing me and it hurt a lot to even walk. For the past week and the rest of this week I am NOT running, but focusing on upper body strength and cross training! 

Here's an upper body and core workout I put together - injured foot or not, this workout is sure to make you sweat.

Upper Body & Core Workout with an added HIIT challenge!

My intention for this workout was to hit all the major muscle groups in the upper body. Twelve reps is a good rep range to really tire out those muscles. Try to use a challenging weight! By the tenth rep, you should be ready to put the weight down. If your form starts to get compromised, lower the weight and finish the reps. I chose to program some extra HIIT on the rower at the end because 1.) I'm a cripple and can't run. 2.) The rower is very low impact. 3.) It also works your upper body! 


Single Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press

Pike Push-ups (move at :24)

Elevated Plank Rows (move at :30)

Plank Walk-ups

Stability Ball Hip Bridges


- Rach

Who's ready for the weekend?!! The pope will be here this weekend so I'm either escaping town or camping out in my apartment - Philly is expecting 1,000,000 people!