Cardio Circuit Workout (for home or the gym!)

Hello there! I have another great workout for you today. This workout is adapted from a class that I teach on campus called Cycle Circuits. It mixes cycling and strength work on the floor for a sweaty total body workout. For the class, I alternated between two drills on the bike (about seven minutes) and the total body circuit on the floor. You can use any type of cardio for the workout though! I would do about five minutes of cardio and then complete the circuit and complete those two portions three times in total. This class always flies by. You could even give it more variety by switching up the type of cardio you do in between circuits. For example, five minutes running, five minutes on the bicycle and then five minutes jumping rope or battle rope intervals.

Circuits The best part is that for the circuit portion, all you need is a set of dumbbells. This workout can easily be done anywhere!

For the squat with a press and twist, you literally just squat, overhead press and pivot one foot to twist to one side - this exercise is great, it works the entire body and engages the core. Alternate sides!

If you have not heard of a renegade row, it looks like this:

A spiderman plank looks like this: