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Outdoor Tabata Workout!

It was 80 degrees here in Philadelphia yesterday. 80 DEGREES!!!! Last year when I visited at the beginning of March it was snowing and about 20, yuck. It felt SO good to walk outside with a short sleeve shirt - especially after a weekend spent in the perfect Florida weather! Before I headed to work around 12:30, I wanted to spend some time outside. I initially went out for a run and attempted a little trail running. After I ate dirt and almost sprained my ankle tripping on a rock, I thought it would be best that I head back out to the road. #WorldsNumberOneClutz I ran for about a mile to a little park with tennis courts near my apartment. I decided to get my heart rate up with a quick Tabata workout. Just a quick 20 minutes of sunshine and fresh air can make such a big difference in your day. If you're a nine to fiver, check out my 5 reasons you should get outside during the work day!

Outdoor Tabata Workout! Get your heart rate up and sweat in less than 20 minutes!

  1. Burpees - remember that you always have the option to walk your feet out or add a push-up! 
  2. Squat Jacks - When you jump your feet out into the squat, try to reach your opposite hand to your opposite foot to get in some extra torso rotation. 
  3. 4-Way Shuffle - I love this drill! It's great for agility. Pick four points and shuffle sideways, forward and backward as fast as you can in the 20 seconds. 
  4. Mountain Climbers - always make sure to keep your shoulders right over your wrists and core tight! 

Here's a little demo of the exercises: 


CHEERS to it almost being the weekend! Have a great Thursday :) Also here's what I'm jamming out to lately if you're needing some new music...

XO - Rach

Do you enjoy working out outside?

Any fun weekend plans?

Love or hate the hot weather?

Stability Ball Strength Workout

Stability Ball Strength Workout via

I love using the stability ball in my training and classes. It's a great piece of equipment to use because it's fun, it's extremely versatile, it works multiple muscle systems at once and it's an amazing tool for balance and core strength. I programmed this workout for one of my classes to really focus on core strength, balance and unilateral training. It's so important to confuse our muscles, especially if you're a nine to fiver who is confined to sitting at a desk all day. Balance is important!

Stability Ball Strength Workout:

Complete 3 rounds of each circuit. Rest for 1-2 minutes between each circuit. I kept the reps mostly in the 12-15 range to work on muscle endurance and keep everyone's heart rates high. 

Circuit 1:


12x: (each side) curtsey lunges with a single arm press 

12x: front to lateral shoulder raise *Be sure to take the momentum out here and focus on pulling with your shoulders. If you feel your body starting to rock or swing, lower the weight and focus on form.

8x: 2 plank rows and 2 plank jacks *This is one rep! You will complete 32 reps all together.

Circuit 2:


12x: decline stability ball push-ups with a knee tuck * You can always modify here with a regular push-up on the ground or on your knees.

12x: (each side) triceps kickbacks * Again, focus on pulling up and squeezing with the back of your arm and taking out all of the momentum. 

10x: 2 toe taps and 2 shoulder taps on the stability ball * Modify this by taking it to the floor and doing toe taps out to the side or just sticking to the shoulder taps.

Circuit 3:


12x: (each side) single leg deadlift and upright row 

12x: stability ball hip bridges * Go SLOW on these! You'll feel it.

24x: plyo lunge with a stability ball twist * Twist the ball to the side of the front leg. Can always modify by taking the twist out or doing body weight reverse lunges.

Circuit 4:


12x: sumo squat hold with an overhead side bend * Get low in the squat and focus on keeping your core tight and your pelvis tucked in (aka try to keep a nice flat back without sticking your bum out - think ballerina!)

12x: ball roll out with 2 knee taps * Can modify this by taking the knee tap out and holding a plank on the ball for 30 seconds.

12x: (each side) dead bugs * Hold the ball in between your RIGHT knee and LEFT hand. Bring your left leg and right hand to meet the ball. Continue this for 12 reps and then switch sides. This one doesn't look like much but trust me, you'll feel it if you keep your core engaged the whole time! 

12x: ball passes 

Enjoy the workout!! 

XO - Rach

Do you like training with a stability ball?

Do you feel like your off balance sometimes?

Is one side more balanced than the other?


Workout Wednesday: Weekly Workouts + 2 Pinnable, No Equipment Workouts!

What day is it? HUMP DAY. I found this fun Pinterest-y quote and I really love it to go along with today's post: 

Self Respect

Despite the last week being cuckoo crazy with traveling and indulging in LOTS of food, mostly not healthy, I was able to move my body almost every day. 

Monday - I teach a 45 minute spin class every Monday morning at 6 a.m. I was very beat up from my 11 miler on Sunday, but spinning actually felt great for my knees and ankles. 

Tuesday - Upper body push/pull workout

4 Rounds - Superset 1

10 kettlebell overhead press; 10 hammer curls

4 Rounds - Superset 2

10 KB chest press; 10 KB bent over rows

4 Rounds - Superset 3

10 TRX tricep extensions; 10 lat pull downs

4 Rounds - Superset 4

10 push-ups; 10 KB sumo deadlift-high pull

Ended with some sprints (literally like two, I was tired) and some core work!

Wednesday - Lower body push/pull workout - was traveling for work, able to get in a workout before work in the morning.

4 Rounds - Superset 1

10 kettlebell goblet squats; 10 cable low rows

4 Rounds - Superset 2

10 lateral step-ups; 10 trap bar deadlifts

4 Rounds - Superset 3

10 split squat; 10 KB swings

4 Rounds - Superset 4

10 forward lunge with halo (did this with a KB, can be done with Dumbbell); 10 KB snatches

This was great too - I was really into the push/pull thing last week - gets the muscles feelin' happy.

Thursday - in Ohio for work with a client and we ate all of this in addition to an incredible meal & wine (Those are ice cream cookie sandwiches, not pictured is another plate full of them):


So Thursday morning we were itching to move our bodies before a full day. Along with my co-workers Jaime and Laura, we completed this fun little doozy - no equipment needed! Just a step, ledge, bench, anything!

CrossFit Style No Equipment Workout - for when you're short on time, but need a good sweat!

Friday - rest day, sat on my bum in a plane, at work and in the car. I traveled back to Philly from Ohio and then up to the Finger Lakes in New York after work. 

Saturday - short hike in the Finger Lakes plus hiking in and out of the car to the many wineries we visited - that counts, right?

Sunday - traveled back to Philly, no workout. I was pooped - it's tough drinking all that wine! 

Before I go I want to share one more no equipment workout with you! I did this one after work one day on the Schuylkill River Trail. I couldn't bring myself to go inside of the gym when the weather & view were just perfect (photo used in this graphic was my workout view!)  I broke it up into 10 rounds of 10. 300 Workout - A quick workout for when you're in a pinch!

XO - Rach

Do you prefer to workout inside or outside?