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Outdoor Tabata Workout!

It was 80 degrees here in Philadelphia yesterday. 80 DEGREES!!!! Last year when I visited at the beginning of March it was snowing and about 20, yuck. It felt SO good to walk outside with a short sleeve shirt - especially after a weekend spent in the perfect Florida weather! Before I headed to work around 12:30, I wanted to spend some time outside. I initially went out for a run and attempted a little trail running. After I ate dirt and almost sprained my ankle tripping on a rock, I thought it would be best that I head back out to the road. #WorldsNumberOneClutz I ran for about a mile to a little park with tennis courts near my apartment. I decided to get my heart rate up with a quick Tabata workout. Just a quick 20 minutes of sunshine and fresh air can make such a big difference in your day. If you're a nine to fiver, check out my 5 reasons you should get outside during the work day!

Outdoor Tabata Workout! Get your heart rate up and sweat in less than 20 minutes!

  1. Burpees - remember that you always have the option to walk your feet out or add a push-up! 
  2. Squat Jacks - When you jump your feet out into the squat, try to reach your opposite hand to your opposite foot to get in some extra torso rotation. 
  3. 4-Way Shuffle - I love this drill! It's great for agility. Pick four points and shuffle sideways, forward and backward as fast as you can in the 20 seconds. 
  4. Mountain Climbers - always make sure to keep your shoulders right over your wrists and core tight! 

Here's a little demo of the exercises: 


CHEERS to it almost being the weekend! Have a great Thursday :) Also here's what I'm jamming out to lately if you're needing some new music...

XO - Rach

Do you enjoy working out outside?

Any fun weekend plans?

Love or hate the hot weather?

Total Body Tabata Workout

Happy Monday! I taught a 6:30 p.m. Total Body class tonight and formatted it like one big Tabata workout! I mixed strength and cardio intervals to work on muscle endurance and get the heart rate up. This workout flew by because before you know it, it is time to move on to the next pair of exercises.


Set a timer for eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest (this will add up to four minutes in total.) You will complete the pairs of exercises in order and only move on to the next pair once you have completed all four rounds of both exercises. This workout should take about 45-60 minutes depending on how much rest you take between each pair. I tried to stick with only 30-45 seconds of rest in between because I always like to have a solid warm-up and at least 5 minutes to cool my class down (everyone's favorite part.)

Some things to note:

I used dumbbells and a light barbell for the strength exercises. Try to go at a quick tempo for the entire workout since there is only a 20 second interval to push yourself! It was a sweaty one, try it out if you need a quick-paced full body burn.

Good night!