Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! Thought I would share some things that I've been loving recently, including the fact that it's the Fourth of July next weekend. I can't wait to celebrate it in the city that our country was born in. And in light of our country, I'll start with...

Same Sex Marriage

I think this one speaks for itself :) Finally!! Love and acceptance always win. The Gayborhood in Philadelphia painted their crosswalks just in time...

[From]Class Pass

I've had so much fun trying out all different kinds of studios and workouts around Philadelphia. Their customer service is awesome and I was able to get a crazy discount on my second month ($50 off!), but unfortunately I am canceling my membership for August. I'm sad to see it go, but with the few teaching jobs I've picked up, I am able to use the facilities at those gyms and I cannot justify spending $80 a month on fitness classes. Also I really just can't afford it, who am I kidding. If you're in the Northeast I recommend ClassPass since there are so many boutique studios up here. If you're in Florida, peerfit is also a great service that is similar to ClassPass. My friend Christina from The Blissful Balance works for peerfit and has said wonderful things about it!

My grandpa's homemade bagels, biali's and breakfast bread

My grandpa has been making his own bread for years and I was surprised with a package last week filled with these goodies. Pictured is his breakfast bread with cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and apricots. Little taste of home!

Morning runs around the city

I don't run often, but when I do I always wonder why I don't because it is so peaceful (besides the days when my legs feel 100 pounds each)! Especially in the morning when the streets are quiet. Every time I run here I take a different route and discover new places everywhere. This picture is from this morning in Washington Square Park. So pretty!


Not until mid July, but this will make three moves in the last three months. I would like to stay put for a while. I'm staying in Philadelphia, but moving a little bit outside of Center City into my first "adult" apartment. The reason I say this is because the entire apartment complex is in the process of undergoing an entire renovation so our unit will be like brand new. Also this is the first place that Michael and I are moving into together (exciting)! Moving up in the world? Here's a sneak peak...


And that wraps up all my favorite things today. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

- Rach