Tabata Workout Sure To Make You Sweat!

Howdy friends, In need of a quick drench? I have the perfect Tabata workout for you. Monday morning I was going to get up and run before work. My alarm went off and the thought of getting out of bed was heartbreaking, so I slept for the extra hour before work. I feel like everyone is all about making Monday their bitch, but I like to take it easy on Monday. What's the big rush? We have the whole week. If I can enjoy just a little more sleep right after the weekend, I'll totally take advantage. I'd rather start the week on a well-rested and caffeinated note than being bombarded by my alarm before 6 a.m. Okay enough ranting...

So I got home from work on Monday afternoon and I wanted to do SOMETHING, but I don't have a gym membership near my apartment yet. I took my jump rope to a park by my apartment and decided to do a quick, heart pumping Tabata workout!

Who needs a gym membership when you have nature?

I wasn't feeling it at first, but immediately got super energized after the first tabata set because I realized how quickly it flew by.

Sweat drenching Tabata workout! All you need is a jump rope and the great outdoors! Via

How this works is you set a timer for 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Complete each exercise couple back-to-back as a superset, so that you perform both exercises in each set 4 times each. It goes QUICK and it's hard, but knowing that you literally only have 20 seconds of work at a time rocks. You can do anything for 20 seconds!! (For anyone who watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt...)

Kimmy Schmidt - You can do anything for 10 seconds!Here's a few of the weirdly named exercises demonstrated:

Windmill jumps (Just add in a hop before switching sides)

Decline plank knee-ins

Burpee box jumps 

Proof of how much you might was glued to my head (ew.)

Sweaty Betty



Tabata Workouts - love or hate it?