Happy Friday! Eats + HIIT Workout

Happy Friday everyone! Today should be nice and productive. I did a cycle class this morning, going to get a haircut, working on my group project, going to work and then finally going home later to chill.

How was everyone's week? Yesterday was my last day at my semester-long internship, and we had an intern appreciation breakfast. I had two full plates. I had taught an early morning interval training class and worked out so I was pretty starving!

IMG_2570After that, I finished out my work there, headed to work at the gym before calling it a day. Last night I met a friend and we went to a Gainesville staple - Satchel's Pizza. If you've never been, it is this quirky, off the wall little place with knick knacks every where. There is even an old VW bus that you can eat inside. The pizza is great!

IMG_2586These past couple weeks I've been super relaxed about eating whatever I want just because I have been eating out a lot. I usually don't at all, but I have been trying to fit in my favorite things in Gainesville before I leave - including all the great restaurants. For a smallish town, Gainesville has a lot of really good food! The semester is coming to an end and I feel like I just need to enjoy myself before the real adult life begins. Once I graduate, I will be getting back on the healthy train. Sometimes you just need a little break, ya know?

Anyway, here is a workout based off of the interval training class I taught yesterday! It's really quick and sweaty. As always, rest as needed and take time to cool down!


And with that, have a wonderful Friday!

- Rach