It's a Happy Week!

By that I mean that this week involves a lot of happy hours. Last night I went to an event through YBConnected at the Brook's Brothers store in downtown Philadelphia to support MANNA, an organization that delivers food to those less fortunate in the Greater Philadelphia Area. My boss Mollie Elkman is one of the founders of YBConnected - the only woman in the founding group!

All ticket sales went to MANNA, as well as a percentage of the proceeds from anything that was bought in the store last night.

IMG_3048Shopping, wining, dancing and benefitting a good cause all in one night! Pretty cool.

saraMy cousin Sara stopped by as well to have some fun before taking her board exams for nursing (Eek - good luck girl!)

Right after work today we headed to Independence Beer Garden again because the weather here is fantastic and I feel like I need to soak up all of the warm weather fun before it turns wintry here. Also because from 5-7 p.m. beers are $3 and food is only $4! I'm telling you - this place is a must if you are ever in Philly!

This morning I woke up and went on a beautiful 3.5 mile run before work. I love when the streets are quiet and it seems like everyone is still sleeping. Something about it makes running feel so therapeutic! It makes me want to try (again) training for a race. There are so many fun ones up here too. Last time I rushed into it and did too much too fast and got AWFUL shin splints. I've gotta ease into it this time because I am for sure no runner!

Race Street Pier at Sunrise

I cannot believe tomorrow is already Thursday. These weeks are flying by - I still keep writing May whenever I have to write the date!

- Rach

Runners out there - any tips for starting a race training plan?