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Green (Purple) Smoothie Bowl + GIVEAWAY!!

Alright, I've drank the smoothie bowl Kool-Aid. Why is it so satisfying to eat a smoothie out of a bowl instead of drinking it with a straw??  I've been making this smoothie ALL week this week for breakfast!! It's my new favorite combo with my new favorite protein. I kind of gave up smoothies for breakfast for a while for a couple reasons. 1. It got real cold here and I preferred something hot like oatmeal or eggs. 2. I never could seem to get enough protein or greens in my smoothies to sustain me until lunch time. Until I created a purple monster...

Garden of Life RAW Protein & Greens

Garden of Life sent me some of their new product line to try out, Raw Protein and Greens. I couldn't wait to add the new protein to my smoothies, because it meant getting in even more veggies with breakfast, something I used to struggle with in the morning (let's be real, still do). And the best part...I'm partnering with Garden of Life to giveaway some free Raw Protein & Greens! 

Banana & Berry Green Smoothie Bowl!

I have to be honest, I was slightly skeptical at first about the whole greens addition to the protein. Garden of Life added a blend of six nutrient-rich greens and veggies in RAW Protein & greens, including organic alfalfa grass juice, organic spinach, organic kale, organic broccoli, organic carrot and organic beet. That's a lot of veggies, you guys!! Don't get me wrong, I love my veggies, but I HATE green juice and I can't stand when my protein shakes taste like raw veggie water...


And the verdict is that this protein is just delicious in a smoothie. I can't speak for how this protein would be mixed with just water or milk, because to be honest, I can't really drink any protein with just water or milk. I like to stick to a smoothie or real food right after a workout - it makes my taste buds and hunger much happier!! So if you're like me and looking for a great protein to add to your hearty smoothies, this one is perfect. Especially if you struggle to get in enough greens! RAW Protein & Greens is also PACKED with protein - 20 grams to be exact. And it's made with wholesome, organic ingredients and comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate Cacao (both contain organic stevia extract) and Lightly Sweet (with no stevia)...there's nothin' sketchy about it. 



So let's get to the fun part...all I ask is that you:

  1. COMMENT on this post telling my WHY you want to try RAW Protein & Greens
  2. Follow @ahealthfulheart and @gardenofliferaw on Instagram! 

The winner will be announced on March 1! In the meantime, stay tuned for some more recipes including Garden of Life Raw Protein! 

Banana & Berry Green Smoothie Bowl


[yumprint-recipe id='17']Thank you for your support of my partnership with Garden of Life! All opinions are my own. 

 XO - Rach

Do you like your breakfasts sweet or savory?

What flavor of protein do you usually gravitate toward?

Wouldn't you love to win some FREE protein?!

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Bars + A New Direction

Happy Wednesday, friends. Today is an exciting one over here and I'm feeling very motivated. One of the reasons being that I can't stop thinking about how great Ellie Goulding and Andra Day's performance was at the Grammy's on Monday night and it totally reminded me how obsessed I am with Ellie Goulding...I mean come on, look at this British badass! #goals.  [embed][/embed]

On a more serious note, today is my last day working at Group Two Advertising. WHAT?! I will no longer be working in advertising and I am pursuing a career in fitness full time. I'm pretty psyched, people. I've learned so much from my time in the agency, but all along I've kept up my fitness jobs part time, and I came to realize that I just needed to take the leap and jump in full time.  Every day when I would get to work, there was just this little hole in my heart because I wasn't pursuing what I am truly passionate about. GOODBYE desk job! I'll chat more about this later, because I know there might be some others in the same boat, but for now, let's talk about these Peanut Butter Banana Protein Bars...

There's not many combos that can beat a little peanut butter and banana. Sure, the taste is spectacular, but aside from the taste factor, the energy that these two foods provide together are perfect for starting your day, giving you a little afternoon boost or keeping you full at night.

 These Peanut Butter Banana Protein Bars are packed with protein to keep you full and satisfy that sweet tooth. They have a dense and moist texture, much like a pound cake or corn bread. And the best part is, these are so easy to make - one bowl, one pan! Peanut Butter Banana Protein Bars!

You'll want your bananas extra ripe for this recipe - easier to mix and also adds more sweetness! 


MMM, look at that crumbly, cake-like goodness :) 


[yumprint-recipe id='16'] XO- Rach

Have you ever taken a big turn and different direction in your career?

What's your favorite post-workout snack?

What's one of your favorite food combos?

A Quick 2015 Review + $50 GIVEAWAY!!

How is it that today is new years eve?! I won't get too sentimental here, but I think it's extremely important to look back at how far we've come and set ourselves up for another great year. And you'll want to stick around for this one because I'm partnering with iHerb to giveaway a $50 SHOPPING SPREE to not one, but TWO lucky readers!!  But first can we please appreciate the beauty that is Florida? I was so happy to visit home over the holiday. I enjoyed some much needed refresh, reset and unplug time! 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Okay, SO much happened in 2015!! Let's just take a quick look at my favorite 8:

  1. was born, which has brought me so much joy.
  2. I graduated from the University of Florida, AKA the best damn school ever. 
  3. I got my first job out of college at an advertising agency. I'll remember that feeling of relief for the rest of my life. 
  4. Philadelphia became my new home. Although it's not always sunny, I'm so thankful I landed here - this city ROCKS.
  5. Michael and I moved in together! What are we, adults? 
  6. So many weekend travels commenced, which was one of my 2015 new years goals and I'm so thankful to have been able to see different parts of the country!
  7. I've connected with so many other incredible bloggers through the BGB Community. (If you're a blogger check it out.)
  8. Group fitness has remained a huge part of my life and I've been lucky to be able to teach for three different gyms up here in Philly. I love it so much!

These are a few of the highlights, and it's important to remember that along with all of the good times, there's also been a LOT of challenges. Moving to a city I've never lived in, starting a brand new job and trying to succeed in said job while balancing it with a blog, teaching & spending time with family & friends has not been the easiest (OK serious first world problems, amiright?!) But I'm trying my best to always enjoy the progress :)

Now what about YOU?! How was your 2015 and what are you looking forward to in the new year? Maybe it's winning this awesome giveaway? ;)iHerb (1)

Okay, now onto the fun part. is a wonderful online shop for all of your health food, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, herbs, supplements and beauty products. When I was in college, I shopped on iHerb all the time for snack bars and nut butters that were so much cheaper to buy in bulk online than in the health food stores around my university. I love shopping on because there's always great deals. iHerb sells more than 35,000 products from over 1,000 popular brands. In the US specifically, all orders over $20 get FREE shipping!

I recently just completed a HAUL of products that will help me stay energized and healthy at the start of a busy new year and I want to help you do the same! It's simple: To enter to win a $50 shopping spree to

  1. Comment below with what product you would purchase if you win the prize!
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You will be able to enter today until FRIDAY JANUARY 8! is sponsoring not one, but TWO winners to have a $50 shopping spree! (Winners, you MUST register on iHerb to claim your prizes; International readers, you must check that iHerb ships to your country, details at the end of this post)

In the mean time, you can follow iHerb on Facebook & Twitter and shop on iHerb with my code, LCV378, to receive $5 off your first purchase! 


Now go ahead and get commenting and/or shopping!! GOOD LUCK! 


Thank you for your support of my partnership with iHerb! All opinions are my own. 

Winners MUST REGISTER to iHerb to claim their prize.

Shipping will be taken care of for both US and non-US winners. The following only applies if the winners are out of the US. Specifically for winners out of the US, they are responsible for any additional taxes/duties/brokerage fees levied to them by their Customs Agency and/or Postal Service.

International readers: go to, add a product to the shopping cart and click the "Country" drop down menu to see if your country is listed.

XO- Rach

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