Chocolate Chia Granola PERFECTED!

YO! I posted a granola recipe a few days ago and then I made it again and it came out better the second time after I tweaked some things!  But first, happy Thursday! We're almost to the weekend. Almost there. I feel like this week just flew by insanely fast and last week was the total opposite. I think because last week I was just exhausted! On Saturday after work I just passed the hell out for about three hours and I feel like those three hours caught me up for the entire week ahead. Is that possible?? 

Anyway, I've been loving this granola recipe and I wanted to stress just how EASY it is to make this and other snacks to have on hand. I have a few clients at work who have been asking about nutrition lately, and the biggest thing I've noticed is that there's a general lack of knowledge about really how easy it is to meal prep a bit to avoid eating packaged shit. You guys, it's SO EASY! Just don't be lazy. Take a couple hours on Sunday and make a bunch of food. That's it. No need to get all crazy and measure out every little ounce into tupperware, just make a big batch of the foods you love so that you have them ready for the week to grab when you need! 


Carb sources: Rice and sweet potatoes. Rice takes like 15 minutes to make. Poke some sweet potatoes with holes, wrap in tin foil and bake for an hour. BAM you have healthy, already cooked complex carbs for the week! 

Protein sources: Chicken, fish, ground turkey. Bake your chickens and fishies and/or saut√© a package of ground turkey. Easy! 

Veggies: Chop some raw vegetables for snacking A.K.A celery, carrots, peppers. Roast a big pan of vegetables (great combo = brussels sprouts, peppers, mushrooms) and then keep in the fridge for the week. 


Chopped raw veggies, hard boiled eggs, homemade granola (see below :) ) , homemade protein bars or bites, fresh fruit with plain greek yogurt...the list goes on! 

So please stop spending a ton of money on fancy protein bars and high-end, organic granola when you can make it yourself. Look how delicious it looks! And it is! 

Chocolate Chia Granola |

One step in making this granola is major key. When you take the granola out of the oven to cool, scatter a few chocolate chips on top. They will melt and when you mix it all up to transfer to a container, the chocolate will harden and make little chocolate clusters. MAJOR KEY. This morning I topped it on some FlapJacked protein pancakes for some crunch...

Chocolate Chia Granola |

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Chocolate Chia Granola |