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Choco-Coconut Superfood Bites

She put the chocolate in the coconut, she ate 'em all up. That's how that song goes right? Chocolate & coconut > lime & coconut. For sure.  When I was at the Garden of Life Blogger Summit back in May, I met Sophie Jaffe, a Cali-based yogi and creator of Philosophie superfood products. She was kind to send me some of her products to try out and I have to say her Cacao Magic Superfood Blend is delicious!! Especially for baking and making energy bites. I try to make a batch of energy bites or protein balls every week for when I need a quick little pick me up and for something sweet after lunch or dinner (let's be real, this is the main reason).

Choco-Coconut Superfood Bites 

Choco-Coconut Superfood Bites via!

At the Garden of Life Blogger's Summit I also learned the key to making these energy bites from Moreya's FitBites demo...always use boiling water!! It breaks the oats down so you end up with a truffle-type consistency. It makes all the difference! 

Choco-Coconut Superfood Bites via

These lil' things are truffley, chocolatey, nutty and filled with superfoods. In addition to the superfood blend, I used chia seeds for an extra superfood kick and of course chocolate chips, the superfood of all superfoods. You could totally just sub in chocolate protein powder or regular protein and some extra cocoa powder for the superfood blend. 

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What's your favorite superfood?


Gluten Free Sweet Potato Apple Muffins
These Gluten Free Sweet Potato Apple Muffins are the perfect snack before a workout, a healthy desert or even a quick bite to add for your breakfast! Made with only wholesome ingredients - sweet potato, apples, coconut oil & walnuts, they will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a nice boost of energy!

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Apple Muffins via!

I needed some serious baking therapy on Thursday night but I had very little ingredients in my apartment. Sometimes this is the best time to come up with new recipes because it forces you to get really creative with what you have on hand! And it's definitely the cheapest way to bake.Gluten Free Sweet Potato Apple Muffins via - a healthy muffin alternative to when you're in the mood for something sweet!Gluten Free Sweet Potato Apple Muffins via

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Coconut Caramel Oat Bars
These Coconut Caramel Bars are rich & decadent, yet light and fluffy. They are made with oats and coconut, which pack a nutritional punch, yet the caramel & chocolate chips add a perfectly sweet touch. 
Coconut Caramel Oat Bars | A perfectly light, yet decadent treat via

I had so much leftover caramel from when I made my Pumpkin Ale Cheesecake, and I was anxious to create something else with it! So I bring you...Coconut Caramel Oat Bars. These bars are filled with oaty goodness, healthy fats from the coconut and delectable sweetness from the chocolate chips and the caramel. 

Coconut Caramel Oat Bars via ahealthfulheart

Coconut Caramel Oat Bars via ahealthfulheart


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