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5 Reasons to Get Outside During The Work Day

What's up, party people? Is anyone as excited as I am that Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS!?! I cannot wait. Jumping up and down.

It's been a busy week at work so far trying to get everything done and scheduled so that I can enjoy the holiday and the weekend.

It's getting so chilly up here! On Sunday Michael and I went for a little hike through the Wissahickon Trail. It was so glorious and I'm mad that I haven't done it before. It got me really thinking that it's SO important to get outside and enjoy some nature and vitamin D because there are so many health benefits - mental and physical. Since working full time inside of an office, it really makes me appreciate the fresh air even more so. 

Wissahickon Trail

Wissahickon Trail


5 Reasons To Get Outside During The Work Day

1. You practice being present and mindful.

Being outside in nature makes you 'naturally' more aware of your surroundings. Even if it's just for 10 minutes, you can't deny that enjoying nature allows you to free your mind a bit. At work each day, I try to make a point to get out of the office for 10-20 minutes and walk around outside WITHOUT checking my email on my phone (sometimes I even fail at this.) A breath of fresh air brings my mind that's usually in a million different places to ease.

2. You'll be more productive.

This goes along with #1, but it's definitely true that after a walk outside, I get back into my office with a more productive mindset. Maybe it's because I am a bit more present and my mind isn't all over the place, but it's actually proven that getting outside lowers symptoms of distractibility. So when you're feeling that adult ADD kicking in, go outside! 

3. Your less likely to be depressed.

Spending hours and hours in front of our computer can lead to bad sleep, worsened eye sight and even depression. Think about it, human beings weren't meant to sit at a desk all day staring at a computer screen or phone screen. Our bodies need to be exposed to the restorative elements of nature on a daily basis. Right now in this moment, what puts a smile on your face? Envisioning walking down a beach on a sunny day or watching YouTube videos in bed?  

4. Your stress levels will lessen. 

You know when that mental fatigue kicks in around 3:30 p.m. and you want to either pull your hair out or fall asleep? It's time to go outside. Getting outside encourages you to move your body, and just a quick 5-15 minute stroll can boost your endorphins and lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). Cue those happier feelings! Instead of that afternoon pick-me-up coffee, try taking a short walk instead.

5. It improves your immune system. 

Exposure to nature is proven to make you healthier by improving your immune system. Catching some rays helps your skin produce more Vitamin D, which will help your body stay strong to fight of illness. Even if you are sick, getting a breath of fresh air will allow you to escape from the indoors that are crawling with germs. 

The great outdoors are just that. They're GREAT. I challenge you to get outside every single day during your work week for at least 20 minutes if you can to reset, clear your mind and help your health. And if you have a job that allows you to be outside for the majority of the time, you rock. 

Have a wonderful day!! 

XO- Rach

Do you try to get outside during the day?

Have you ever felt mentally fatigued?

What else is a natural stress reliever for you?





A Taste of the Finger Lakes: 1 Day, 8 Wineries.

Hello!! It's been a while, huh? I decided to take a short hiatus from blogging. October has been a very busy month at work, a very busy month in general, and sometimes I just can't do it all.  In addition to work, there's been some really great times this month. One of my best friends, Corinne, came to visit philly, I got to travel to Ohio for work and this weekend we were able to head to the Finger Lakes in New York! Next weekend, I'll leave October with a bang in the Philadelphia Rock 'n' Roll half marathon. There's been a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to. 

The Finger Lakes: 1 Day, 8 Wineries

Michael and I left PA on Friday night after work to head up to New York. Our friends Andrew and Lauren invited us to stay at their relative's B&B in Hector, NY, which is right off of Seneca Lake. Oh man. It is GORGEOUS up there. We stayed in Lauren's family's guest house, which resembled a rustic barn. Complete with two horses in the backyard, and a labrador named Maisey, who was the coolest dog ever. 

IMG_0210Michael And Maisy: The Finger LakesWe started off Saturday morning with a big breakfast and a short hike down to the gorge led by Maisey. Side note - she picked up a semi-fresh deer leg in the woods on the way down. Yum! Maisey & Deer Leg Taking the Hector PlungeIMG_0180 IMG_0181After our hike, we quickly showered and got ready for a full day of wine tastings. Around Seneca Lake, there are more than 20 wineries. We made it to 8 of them in a time span of 6 hours...we made pretty good progress! I will say that we tasted so many wines, that I don't remember each one. I have a few absolute favorites and I will explain in pictures. We took a group photo at every stop so that we could look back and remember each winery we stopped at. A full day of wine tasting leads to a blurry memory...who would have thought? The best part about tasting wine in the Finger Lakes...each winery averages about $4 to taste 6 different wines. 

Stop 1: Lamoreaux Landing Wine CellarsLamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

Lamoreaux was one of my favorites. The wines were all amazing and the view was picture perfect. My favorite wine at Lamoreaux was the 2012 76 West, a Bordeaux blend that combines Cabarnet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Listen to this description: Bright notes of blackberry and blueberries harmonize with aromas of luxurious vanilla and espresso. A classic steak wine or an accompaniment to Roquefort cheese. Um YES PLEASE.

Stop 2: Standing Stone VineyardsStanding Stone Vineyards

At Standing Stone, we went for a wine and cheese pairing, otherwise known as a match made in heaven. The cheese really changes the way that the wine tastes and it's so fun to try all of the different combinations. My favorite combo at Standing Stone was the Smokehouse Red wine paired with a spicy chipotle cheddar cheese. Lauren noted that she downed a whole bottle of this watching Magic Mike XXL, and I can definitely see why because it's so smooth, so I am now referring to this wine as the Magic Mike Wine. 

Stop 3: Hector Wine CompanyHector Wine Company

Hector Wine Company looked like a classy brewery inside. The atmosphere was great, but to me the wines weren't as memorable as the other wineries we stopped by. They definitely win for best logo design, though - I love it! 

Stop 4: Damiani Wine Vineyards Damiami Wine Cellars

We stopped for lunch before heading to Damiani Wine Cellars - perfect timing because at Damiami we were able to pair chocolate with the wine for desert! My favorite pairing was the black tea dark chocolate (INCREDIBLE) with the Cabernet Franc. Another match made in heaven. 

IMG_0244 Damiami Wine Cellars

Stop 5: Ryan William VineyardsRyan William Vineyard

Ryan William Vineyard might have been my favorite in terms of the tastings. Every single one I tasted was so different and SO amazing. The Chardonnay was incredible. I ended up purchasing a bottle of Pinot Noir Rose´. I usually hate drinking Rose´ because it's way too sweet for me, but this one was a game changer. Had to buy it. The guys even loved it and termed it 'Brose´' Ryan William Vineyard

I don't even know what's going on here.

Ryan William Vineyard

Clearly excited about my new wine...

Stop 6: Atwater Estate VineyardsAtwater Vineyards

Atwater was awesome. I loved the cozy atmosphere and in addition to the wine tasting, they added on a special treat of a mulled wine tasting at the end. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing. Can't get much better than heated and spiced wine. Perfect for a winter night. Atwater VineyardsIMG_0302

Had to buy a shirt to remember this experience. No coincidence that I spent more money as the day went feels great when you're a little buzzed until you look at your bank account later! Woops. 

Stop 7: Chateau Lafayette ReneauChateau Lafeyette Reneau

Chateau Lafeyette Reneau was beautiful inside will high ceilings and a view overlooking the lake, but these wines were mostly too sweet for my liking with an exception to their Cabernet Sauvignon - it was amazing.

Stop 8: Hazlitt 1852 VineyardsHazlitt

Hazlitt was by far the most fun. Hazlitt is super quirky inside, with a taxidermy grape weasel on the wall (yes, I thought it was a real animal at first,) and popcorn served to go along with the wine tasting. So great. The wines here were great, too, but the music playing was even better, so I think we were mainly focused on singing out loud and feeling that wine. 

It was a weekend well spent with great company. No 'wining' over here! However, I'm very ready to get back into a routine this week.


XO - Rach

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