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Life Lately...Work, Family, Women's Health Video Shoot!

It's been a while!!  59349010

Where did we leave off?! I'm a bit frustrated that I haven't been able to keep up with this blog as much as I would have liked to this summer, but you know what? Life gets really freaking crazy sometimes!! I had next to no motivation to keep up with social media for the past month for a couple reasons. For one, creating recipes gets pretty expensive. Michael and I try to keep our grocery bill under $100 every week for the both of us, and there's not much wiggle room there for me to experiment with super cool ingredients. I'm starting to think however, that this could be more of an opportunity to create BUDGET friendly recipes with minimal ingredients. Aside from that, I had to go home for a while because some unexpected news hit my family like a truck. Everything is going to be totally a-okay, but cancer fucking sucks. My mom is as strong as a horse though, so I know this will be a bump in the road. I mean look at her, she's a boss. 


I've also been absolutely loving my job. It's a little physically exhausting so whenever I'm home I veg out instead of turn my brain on to write and do work (this needs to change). Along with my job as a Thrive trainer, I've been able to pick up some more Body Cycle spin classes and I will be starting at another studio, Unite Fitness real soon here! I'm psyched. I always know I made the right choice by switching to fitness full time when I wake up and have to decide which gym I want to train at that day...HA. Totally kidding, there's so much more to it (although it is a pretty sweet perk!)

Speaking of, last week I had such an awesome opportunity to be in a promo shoot for Idalis Velazquez's (@ivfitness on the IG) All In 18 Women's Health DVD! It was SUCH a blast. It was so lovely to meet her and see her in action! I also loved being able to see what goes into making a short video. SO MUCH. I finally kind of understand what my boyfriend does for a living now. The coolest part was that I got to share this experience with one of my own clients, Diana. She killed it. Here's some BTS action...


So thankful for that awesome opportunity. Now I've gotta get my shit together for a busy week at work. I should probably also start packing considering we're moving again next weekend! Packing would be a good idea. 

Okay everyone, have a great Monday. 

XO - Rach

How's your summer going?

Any big plans for the weekend?



How To Bounce Back After A Week of Indulging

How To Bounce Back After A Week of Indulging! A few simple tips to get you back on track. We've all been there, done that. Eating and drinking just a little too much - maybe just during the weekend or the span of an entire week, month, what have you. It happens! Rather than beating ourselves up for it, we can take a more proactive approach. Let me tell you, last week I ate and drank all kinds of crazy good food and wine. Although I still managed to get in some exercise, eating a lot of heavy foods and sugar really does take a little toll on my body. 

So, instead of skipping meals, doing a 'master cleanse' (ugh, cringe) or getting all upset about it, here are a few simple tips that can help to get you back on track! 

Drink Water

Drink water and drink a ton of it! Even though it makes you feel full, drinking a ton of water is the best thing you can do after overeating or indulging. It will help clear out your system and keep you hydrated. After I eat a big, unhealthy meal, I always feel SO thirsty! Eating out a lot can add a lot of unwanted sodium into your system, and the only way to counteract that is with some H2O. Get crazy and add some lemon to it. Keep a full bottle near you all day. I found this awesome Zinger water bottle that lets you squeeze and infuse citrus juice into the bottle - perfect for all those water haters. 

Move Ya Body

Although you might feel a bit slow, moving your body is important. Chances are you're feeling a little sluggish from the lack of nutrients or excess refined sugar & carbohydrates that you've consumed. One of the best ways to get those energy levels back is to sweat it out. You don't have to go crazy, even a light workout will do, like this one! Two things that help me are getting outside and wearing long sleeves or pants. Fresh air does wonders. You can also wear long sleeves or pants during a workout if you really want to sweat and keep your body temperature warm. 

Don't Skip Meals

Don't be tempted. The only way to keep your metabolism going is if you fuel your body! Stick with a lot of protein, fiber and fresh produce to keep you feeling full. Think of it as adding all the good fuel back in to replace the not-so-good fuel. 

Don't Stress

Seriously, don't get your panties all in a wad. So you ate some delicious meals and drank a little too much wine? Great, you're enjoying life. 

XO  - Rach

What are some things you do that make you feel better after indulging?


It's Been a Hot Minute...

Hi! I am annoyed I haven't posted in a about a week because I made a goal to myself to keep up to about three posts a week, but the past week and a half has just been CRAZY. I've been occupied with trying to finish these last couple classes of undergrad (where the HECK has the time gone?!) and just trying to enjoy the time I have left here because I am only in Gainesville for one more week and a half. And it is so bittersweet.

Today was the last day of classes. I actually didn't have any classes today. Just one yesterday and it was an exam that I probably didn't do so hot on (I KNOW I didn't do so hot on.) Anyway, the past week was awesome and unfortunately I don't even have pictures to share. What kind of blogger am I? I promise I am trying to get better at this. Michael came to visit and stayed for the week! He was here on work because his company (Men's Health Magazine) was able to use locations around UF's campus for an outdoor video shoot. Go Gators! I will be sharing those videos when they're released! Our week was busy and fun as I still had class and work and he had to work, but we fit in a lot! And we were very well fed...


The weekend consisted of a lot of brunches and a lot of beer!! We squeezed in brunch at Mi Apa, Peach Valley Cafe and The Flying Biscuit. Saturday morning we dropped in at Crossfit Lead for yoga with the beautiful YoginiLei (Leila) and a class that nothing but kicked my ass. It's a great gym, great coach and awesome atmosphere but I'm literally still sore. I'm not a crossfitter at all, don't think I ever will be, but it's always fun to try new things.The workout was a super hard partner workout and my least favorite exercise was a run carrying a kettle bell on my shoulder (torture.) Favorite exercise was the overhead walking lunges - those are more my speed ;).

XfitAfter what felt like burning a million calories, we ate a huge brunch and then went to the Hogtown Craft Beer Fest, which was so much fun. There was 300 beers to sample, food trucks and it was a beautiful day. It was nice to disconnect for a little bit and spend time with Michael and his parents since I've only seen them a handful of times in the past year. Luckily that's all about to change...

As each day goes by it kind of hits me a little more that my time at UF is almost over and as much as I get sad thinking about it, I also get really excited for what's next. I accepted a job at an advertising agency in Philadelphia and could not be more excited and ready for this new adventure. I can't wait to write all about it! I feel so thankful for all of the opportunities that have come my way and it is still so surreal that I am moving and starting a real job up NORTH. Who am I? Why do I still feel 16 years old sometimes?? What is winter even like? Will I survive?

So that's kind of life lately! I hope to have more workouts, recipes and other healthy content up on here shortly when things slow down a little bit in the next week.

What are your post-grad plans? 

Is everyone ready for graduation?